Manage your Trail Cameras like a Pro

Back40 is a home for all your trail cam photos. It uses AI to find and tag animals, and lets you share your cameras with friends.

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Works with all Trail Cameras

How It Works

There are two ways you can use Back40, depending on your trail cameras capabilities.

On Email Enabled Cameras

If you camera supports sending photos by email (SMTP), it can be setup to automatically send them to the app.

Back40 provides you with a unique email address for each camera and once a photo is sent to it, we parse it and make it available to you through the app.

On All Other Cameras

You can use Back40 to organize and share your photos from any trail camera by manually uploading photos.

Plug your phone in to an SD card reader and import the photos. Back40 will automatically tag animals and notify your friends.

Catch Every Moment

Back40 uses AI to find animals in your photos and tags them automatically, so that you can focus on other things. Opt in to push notifications to get an instant alert whenever there is activity on your camera.

Image recognition
Image recognition
Image recognition
Camera #2
Deer detected on your camera.
Push notification

Weather & Astro Data

Uncover patterns in animal activity. We've done the hard work for you by collecting weather and astronomical data for each photo! Does rain, cold or the moon phase affect the amount of animal activity? With Back40, you will know!

after sunrise

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Back40 gives you access to tons of data collected from your photos, presented in beautiful and easy-to-undertand charts.


Why Back40?

Back40 comes with all the features you need to manage your trail cameras like a pro.

Photo Recognition

Back40 automatically finds and tags animals in your photos.

Camera Sharing

Sharing cameras & photos with your friends has never been easier.

Activity Notifications

Get push notificatios when there are new photos available.

Powerful Filters

Find that big buck from last year by using the powerful filters in the app.

Unlimited Photo Storage

Back40 does not have a limit on how many photos you can send or upload.

Manage your Hunting Lands

Create a Back40 Hunting Land by grouping cameras together, and share it with friends.

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