Back40 and your data

The short version:

  • We don't sell any of your data.
  • We use non-identifiable data to improve the app (through analytics).

The long version:

Identity & access

  • We don't save any personal information in the app or on any server.
  • Sync between devices happens automatically through iCloud without us get any access to your data outside of the app.

Billing information

  • You pay for the app upfront so we don't store any of billing information on our side at all.


  • We are not storing geolocation data on any servers. It's all on your phone and iCloud account.


  • Photos stays on your phone. We don't store them on any server.

Anonymous data captured In-App

  • We collect some anonymous data for analytics to see what our users are up to. We do this to improve the app.
  • We log events in an anonymous way to make sure things are running smoothly. This could be something like "failed to save a hunt". We use this to find bugs and issues with the app.

Want more details?

For more information, have a look at our privacy policy.