Back40 and your data

The short version:

  • We don't sell any of your data.
  • We use non-identifiable data to improve the app (through analytics).

The long version:

Identity & access

  • Depending on how you sign up, we save either your phone number or email so that you can use it to sign in at a later time.
  • Optionally you can also save your name in the app.
  • We will never share your data with anyone except users that you are friends with through a hunting land in the app (see below what they can see).

What data is shared with your friends?

  • If you join a hunting land, your email or phone number (with email preferred) will be visible to other members of that hunting land.
  • Adding a name to your account will hide this and your name will be displayed instead.
  • Adding a name before joining a hunting land will make sure your email and phone will never be shared with anyone.

Billing information

  • We support payments through Apple App Store and Google Play, so we don't store any of billing information on our side at all.


  • We store the location of your cameras. We need this data to fetch the weather for that location whenever a photo is added to the camera.
  • We don't collect any geolocation data in the background so all the data we have was entered manually by you.

What data is shared with your friends?

  • If the camera belongs to a hunting land, any member of that will be able to see the cameras location.


  • Photos added to the app are saved on our server so that you can access them from multiple devices and share them with friends.
  • We use AI to detect animals on the photos.
  • Our AI will also detect humans, but not individuals. This is so that we can notify you of human activity on your camera.

What data is shared with your friends?

  • Anyone with access to the photos camera (through a hunting land) will be able to see and download the photos.

How we use your data

  • We store your data on AWS.
  • We might use your data to debug an issue with the app (without knowing who it belongs to).
  • We might use your photos to improve our animal detection algorithm (contact support to opt out of this!). We will not use photos of humans to train the algorithm, only animals.
  • If you reach out to help debug an issue, we will use some of your data to help debug and fix the problem.
  • We will never publish your specific data, but we might publish an aggregation of data from all of our users. Like "A total of 4321 photos of deer taken this month".

Anonymous data captured In-App

  • We collect some anonymous data for analytics to see what our users are up to. We do this to improve the app.
  • We log events in an anonymous way to make sure things are running smoothly. This could be something like "failed to save a photo". We use this to find bugs and issues with the app.
  • We send crash reports to Crashlytics to help figure out why the crashes, and how many users that has experienced the same crash.

Want more details?

For more information, have a look at our privacy policy.